Rappelling is an extreme adventure activity  that  literally keeps you on your toes and feet . The camper is in total control of their movements while descending from a rocky cliff or splashy waterfall.  The activity has gained a lot of thrill seekers and is performed under the strict safety standards of instructors at  KaliTide.



Activities that sooth both your body and mind are carried out on the banks of River Kali with crystal clear mesmerizing cool waters and fun vibe.

Experience your own river party on the water with no interruptions in fun and 100% guaranteed safety with our highly trained personnel and the newest durable equipment.







Are you a fan of blood pumping adrenaline and an exhilarating experience to be remembered at the end of the day? Take an oar and hop onto the raft to relish some beautiful scenes of the Kali rapids with 12kms of serene tides and magnificent landscapes of the Kali reserve




Kayaking is a fun watersport involving you to paddle the oar on your own personal watercraft. Zip along the river coast and relax on some of the beautiful isolated islands along the way. Grab an oar and set of to explore nature's beauty unlike anything you have seen before.

Zip line river crossing


Pitching ropes and safety gear between  two perfect spots under the mighty river Kali just making a picturesque moment to zip line and feel  the adrenaline rush. This activity has become one of the most preferred extreme sports activity adventurers prefer all the time. Studies say that zip lining is the best way to overcome fear of heights,

Acrophobians what are you waiting for?



The classic rope walking activity is known to be one of the best confidence and team building activities so far. This activity instills more and more excitement while the camper balances on the slightly swinging bridge and hops from one rope to another tied down like buckets. The Burma Bridge was usually constructed to cross rivers, ponds and gorges during the World War and has evolved to be the most sought out activity so far because of the challenging body-mind balance and concentration. 



Aqua Zorbing


Zorbing or most commonly known as water walking is an activity which will give you a complete workout. Balance yourself on the bouncy waters or just fall back, roll and try again. The complete fun filled activity is here to bring lots of laughters and smiles during your stay.

Jacuzzi bath


We know that some of our extreme adventures can wear you down and be tiring. But that's long gone now with  tidal massages a.k.a Jacuzzi bath experiences in the tides of River Kali. Just recline on the rocks and let the soothing tidal force of the river recharge, replenish and energize you unlike any expensive spas around the world.

Coracle ride


The round watership assures to give you a panoramic 360 degree view of the dense forests and wildlife around River Kali making it a scenic ride. Join in the tub with your friends and explore the dense greenery to connect with nature.



Row, Row, Row your boat gently down the stream of River Kali embracing the scenic beauty or just hop in with all your buddies and participate in our exciting power packed team relay races .

Jungle safari/ elephant rides


Discover the wild side of Dandeli with our Carefully planned Jungle Safari Route in the Kali Wildlife Reserve. Explore the wildlife reserve with our trained guides who know the nook and corner of the dense forest to give you a guaranteed sighting. Elephant rides are also available at the same price through KaliTide.

Both jungle safari and elephant rides schedules are subject to change occassionally as per terms of Karnataka Forest department.